Over Mother’s Day weekend I FINALLY made the bean sloppy-joe recipe that I have mentioned so many times.

I was craving burgers, so instead of using the beans as a main course we put them together for a tasty side dish.  I even had enough to bring back to NYC with me 🙂

If I remember correctly, the sloppy joe was one of the American meals I made in France.  The family I lived with always asked me to make American meals but thinking of truly “American” things never seemed easy.  We did burgers, a spin on macaroni and cheese (Velveeta was the plan but I had trouble finding the box) and I even made pancakes with Bisquick (I actually had my dad bring over a box when they visited).  Since America is a melting pot of cultures, each time I thought of meals I was used to eating on the other side of the pond I came up with Italian, Mexican, German…  A sloppy joe however, well that is about as American as I can think of!


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