Reflection on Feelings

I am not sure if I have ever been in love or simply lust. I guess I’ll know whether or not the times before were simply passionate moments of lustful feelings or actual love that burnt out too soon, once I am involved in a relationship that lasts. But that is a story not yet told.

Whatever these past relationships might have been, I know the blissful feelings I felt and the agony that tagged along when they were through. These are emotions that are depicted so vividly in the movie “Like Crazy.” I particularly remember watching “Like Crazy,” when I returned home from France, a bit heartbroken in more than one way to be honest. I must have watched the movie 3 times within a weekend and each time my heart wrenched with the raw emotions these characters feel. It was painful to watch but I wanted to watch it over and over; to feel what I was feeling in my own life through the story. Have you ever been there?

Well tonight, with an unbroken heart (!!), I turned the movie on again (the first time since that weekend) and it was so refreshing to not have those deep-seated feelings of longing and sadness electrifying through my core. I guess it goes to show that time heals all wounds. I’m thankful for that.

This clip below was and is one of my favorite parts.

**This was not meant to be depressing or anything. It was just a thought I had mi-movie and I wanted to share. Simple as that.


Food love and a new travel destination

One of the places I wish I visited while living in France was Northern Africa. For years the French people have taken their vacations in places like Tunisia and Morocco due to the proximity and the affordability. Although I’ve never taken one of these trips, I have recently found my plate filled with Mediterranean cuisine (which I am grouping as Moroccan, Greek, Arabic and Middle Eastern). I am not new to Mediterranean cuisine; in high school our friends used to meet at Arpeggios (a Mediterranean BYOB) sometimes simply for the pita and humus, and in college I almost always ordered the lamb souvlakia from Daves Taverna (the go to Grille), dipping my fries in the excess tzatziki sauce that dipped from the sandwich. Here in Hoboken, I found Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant, a very affordable and delicious place where you can fill a plate with an assortment of Baklava, Tabbouleh and stuffed grape seed leaves among other things. So although this cuisine isn’t a new discovery, I am just realizing how much I prefer it, especially after this weekend’s trip to Williamsburg and the realization that I had eaten a ton of food and didn’t feel the need to unbutton my pants.


Café Mogador, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is not only adorably cute in its décor (we sat in a greenhouse type room with colorful throw pillows and neat light fixtures), but the food is beautiful as well. For our meal this weekend we ordered humus and matbucha to start. Matbucha, a cooked tomato and roasted bell pepper salad, was new for me and I found it nicely complemented the humus. For my meal I got the grilled merguez with basmati rice and veggies. It was served with a tzatziki sauce, brining me back to college, and an Arabic salad – extremely simple yet perfectly balanced with refreshing herbs and a tangy lemon vinaigrette. We ate a lot, and yet, as I find with this food, I didn’t have that stuffed feeling at the end. Café Mogador is also located in Manhattan’s East Village and I recommend it for those who enjoy this type of cuisine.

Honestly, Morocco wasn’t a place on my radar for travel before living in France, but since my recent food experiences I must say that it has jumped to a high-ranking on “places to go” to do list.


Have you been to Morocco, Tunisia, or any middle Eastern or Mediterranean countries? Do you enjoy the food?


oh la la

It’s official, life is moving way too fast. How has it been 2 months (or more) since I have written here? Without further ado, here I am 🙂

In my absence I have been exploring my new Hoboken home, I have joined a gym for the first time in my life, I finally visited the Guggenheim Museum, I made my way back to French school, I discovered a unique bar in Jersey, I made some awesome fashion purchases, I adopted a fabulous bike (which I carried from Brooklyn to Hoboken at midnight on a Friday…), I weathered another storm (this time snow-related) and I have been honing my wine tasting skills (officially). As you can see, so much to talk about and I promise to share it all.

For starters, the most recent thing I am doing is going to wine school–FINALLY! If you remember, this was the plan when I was leaving France and also when I returned to France this summer for a visit. I went so far as to fill out paperwork for the school in Beaune, but timing wasn’t right and I missed the deadline. So now, settled in NYC with a real job and apartment (remember when I was roughing it?!), I am finally able to get the ball rolling on this goal of expanding my wine knowledge. Working in the industry on a daily basis has been a growing experience thus far; I have had the privilege to taste some amazing one of a kind wines and learn a lot from my colleagues though raw on the job experiences. But I want to be deeply rooted in this business, so going to the International Wine Center in NYC seemed like a great opportunity. I plan to share some of what I learn here, on this blog, so get your glasses ready.