Independence Day in another country…again

This past weekend was Bastille Day in France.  Otherwise known as Independence Day, the fête is similar to July 4th in the US.  When I was in Paris a few weeks back, I was able to see some of the preparations for the parade that went down the Champs-Elysees.  Coincidentally, last year I also found myself walking by the same large stadium seats because I had been visiting Paris with my friend after a vacation in Italy.  This brings me to my confession: I have spent my country’s Independence Day in a foreign country.  Last year, Italy; this year, France.  Since France’s colors are like ours, red, white and blue, I guess it’s not that big a deal…right?

I spent my Fourth of July this year walking through Paris’ tiny streets, visiting the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibit and eating dinner with Parisian friends.  The Louis Vuitton exhibit was on my To Do/To See list during my petit séjour.  I suggest it to you too if Paris is in your plans this summer (it runs until September 16th).  It’s located at Musée des Arts Décoratifs and is spans two floors.  The first floor tells the history of LV and his luggage and the second floor is as out-of-the-box as Marc Jacobs himself.  Lights, bags, TV screens, music and voice-over…it’s really fun!




After my visit I took a nap on the chairs near the Tuileries Gardens.  This is one of my favorite places in Paris to do nothing!  I ended my July 4th with good friends for a final dinner in Paris.

America’s 4th in France and France’s 14th in America…this flip-flop is symbolic of my crazy life 🙂


Nem felejtettem el rólad

My absence during the past few weeks has been due to my travels abroad.  I am so excited to return this week and write all about it.  I got to spend a week visiting my friends and “family” in Burgundy and Paris.  Then I took a flight over to Hungary (this trip will be a story for the books my friends, and not in a good way).  So now I am sweating away in Budapest where it is literally 100*F!  My friend’s wedding is this afternoon so we are all preparing for that.  The church is right on the Danube and the ceremony will be in French and Hungarian (her fiancé is French).  It will be magical!

I leave you with that but there are stories to come…