Growing up and out of the Fairy Tale

I used to believe in the fairy tale magic of true love. That we all had that one prince charming we were destined to be with. We would, no doubt, eventually find this person based on the circumstances of life and we would know (because of an undeniable feeling) that it was the right match.

Then I grew up, dated a bunch, had my heart broken on more than one occasion and began to reevaluate. There was a time in college when that reevaluation was extremely cynical. I’ve grown up past that and cynicism is not what this is about. Love is beautiful and it surrounds us everyday in many forms. I believe in it and I am glad for those who have found it in a life long husband/wife. But here I am in my mid to late twenties, single and wondering where that spark of a man could possibly be and if I let him pass by already.

Have my friends who are happily in a relationship just worked harder at finding the matches to light the fire while I was waiting for the fireworks display to begin on its own? And what about the sparks for the wrong people? Was that just gas? 😉

Being knee-deep in wedding and engagement season is most likely the reason for such contemplation on my part. You really can begin to feel like the water of opportunity (and potential suitors) is being drained around you with each announcement or invitation and soon you will be left as the dead fish on the dried up sea floor. That coupled (pun-intended) with the fact that I just watched P.S. I Love You, which is arguably one of the most gut wrenching movies about passionate love.

“I’ve been dating since I was fifteen! I’m exhausted!Where is he?”

“Who, the White Knight? That only happens in fairy tales.”