Spaghetti….but not really.

Last night I experimented with Spaghetti Squash for dinner. I read that you can cook the squash one of two ways: whole or cut in half. I decided to cut it in half. One upside-down and the other right side up (just to experiment) . I put a little bit of water in the deep pan and put a tiny bit of oil inside the half that was right side up.*

When done cooking,  I paired the “spaghetti” with sautéed red kale, onions and tomatoes.

Delicious. Easy. Fresh.

photo 1 photo 2


photo 4

*Results of a soft squash ready to scrape out of the skin are quicker with squash upside down.



Finding an apartment in Paris

If I ever was to “become French” and actually move back to the country I dream about, this little site would be my best friend.

Apartment searching in Paris is expensive, time-consuming and exhausting. Much like finding an apartment in a city like New York. So this site works like a dating site, in that you create a profile as a buyer or seller and explain what you are looking for. When you are matched with a seller (or prospective buyer), you are contacted and able to set up an appointment.

Less waiting in lines at open houses, less headache for everyone and hopefully more luck finding a new home.

Disclaimer: video is en Française. 

Sweet and Swedish Saturday

I have an intense sweet tooth. It was triggered during my time in France. I mean seriously, who can resist the tartes and cakes at every corner patisserie?

I am more of a chocolate and ice cream person, however, recently I ate some amazing gummies from Sweden. Sockerbit was first introduced to me when my roommate brought home a white bag of treats. I tried them out and was impressed. Then the other weekend, on a lazy weekend stroll while waiting for brunch at Buvette (more on that later), I stumbled across the stark white candy store in the West Village.

IMG_3985IMG_3987 IMG_3988

The smågodis at Sockerbit are all GMO free, trans fat free and colored from nature. But all of that aside, they are delicious and fun. My bag was quickly filled with shapes, colors and flavors. My favorite so far has been the salted licorice candy. Yes, salt on my gummy. It sounds freakish, but seriously, these Scandinavians are on to something here.

IMG_3989 IMG_3991

Stop by the store and try it yourself:

89 Christopher St., New York, NY 10014