East Coast touring

The French have arrived and we have already covered so much ground!  It is their first trip to America and therefore I have tried my best to show many different cities and sites.

We hit the ground running as they arrived at JFK and I took them to Coney Island.  Although it was freezing, the vacant park was a neat experience for even me.

Next stop was a weekend in D.C.  Of course what is a road trip without a few pit stops.  So I took a scenic route and got out in Annapolis, MD where we toured the Naval Academy and ate some crab cakes.

Being a JMU grad, D.C. is home to many of my closest friends and a constant place to go and spend the weekend. That being said we had a great time going out and partying together.  We also made sure to do the site seeing necessary.  The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capital building, Smithsonian museums and even the Constitution.  Over achievers we were.

We ended the weekend with a stroll through Georgetown.  Cupcakes, coffee and shopping filled the rainy afternoon before we made moves northbound on I-95.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs so we took Tuesday exploring center city.  Cheesesteaks, South Street, the Rocky steps at the art museum, City Hall, LOVE statue and Old City were all stops.  Let’s just say I wore the wrong shoes for such an extensive day and am paying for it now.

I would have to say these boys are spoiled.  Seeing so much in one trip to the U.S of A.

Next stop: THE BIG APPLE!


New Year with New opportunities…in New York?!

It has been such a long time since I have been awake before 8am. I know, I know.  Everyone with a real job hates me right now.  It’s not that I’m extremely lazy: I did spend many years of my life (including four in college) waking up before most people hit their REM sleep (life of a swimmer).

But here I am, Friday the 13th and I got up at 7am! And although I miss being in my bed with Kelly Live!, I can already feel the productivity flowing through my bloodstream.  One appointment out-of-the-way early and hopefully a long list of “to-dos” to cross off before work tonight.  But right now I’m just enjoying some Starbucks as I get back on the blogging trail.  So sorry for the absence–my mind has been soaring elsewhere recently.

Decision making stresses me out.  Especially when it’s for something that I consider a “life change.”  I am someone who can see both sides of situations and find myself easily placed on either side of an issue.  This can be a good thing in some instances, as I can easily adapt to situations, but also a bad one when trying to make a decision.  I usually end up making decisions based on passion since I can argue either side til the window for an answer is closed.  That’s how I ended up in France.  I thought it all out logically first.  I was so scared to miss out on finding a job after graduation but also knew the opportunity to travel was important to me and might not be open again.  I was nervous that the family would not mesh with me and on the other side I thought, what if I meet my husband! (this didn’t happen)  Notice the meticulous bouncing back and forth. Negative to positive to negative.  So I ended up just going for the move to France.  I turned off the negative brain waves (my career as a swimmer actually trained me in this skill) and dove (no swimmer pun intended) for the chance at something new.

And you know what? It was the best thing I ever did!

Knowing this about myself you would think that the next big decision might not be so difficult.  Not the case.  I again found myself weighing both sides of a life changing situation and meddling on the possible negative outcomes.  When I finally was stressed, nauseous and upset over it all I slapped myself in the face (not really) and just told myself to GO WITH IT!

So decision made: I am moving to NYC for the month of February and seeing how it goes.  A trial run if you will.  Next month I hope to get some temp work, try to network into a real job (one where I will most definitely be waking before 9) and find a place to live.  Everyone has to do it once right; a New York adventure.  I am so excited–when I’m not thinking of the money I’ll be spending and the possibility that things might not work out…. (TURN OFF THE NEGATIVITY)