We stayed 2 weeks in Costa Brava, Spain.  Amazing weather and beautiful views!

And then we head to the mountains back in France.


Taking time to vacation right

I just got back from the longest vacation I have ever experienced.  In The States vacation is taken rarely and it lasts all of one week (at least this is my experience).  In France vacation is treasured and when you have 3 weeks its considered “real.”  The first week is of course not enough, the second you begin to relax and take advantage of being away and the third is the real icing on the cake where you no longer think of home or your responsibilities.  Well, the family and I had 15 days this year in Costa Brava, Spain.  15 days = 2 weeks—not bad! But not enough apparently because we didn’t exactly go straight home.  From Spain we drove to the mountains in France; La Clusaz specifically.  We got in Friday night and were on a day-to-day basis.  The weather was so nice that we only just got home last night, Wednesday.

Interesting to go from the beach to the mountains.  I am more beach and the family is more mountains but I enjoyed both spots enormously! At the beach we ate a lot, beached, SCUBA dove and did an afternoon kayaking.  In the mountains the eating continued and loads of cheese was added because of the fete du Reblochon that took place that weekend.   We did however do a lot of walking around the mountains and even did a thrilling mountain climb one morning so I am hoping that balances the tartiflette (look it up and salivate).

I will add some photos once uploaded. For now its back to the grind for one last month as Au Pair…back-to-school shopping here we come!