Wacky Wine Wednesday

Rosé has been in my glass these days. This past weekend we had the first real burst of sun and warmth. Windows have been left open in the apartment and we each purchased a little orchid plant*. To top it off, we went to Bin14, Hoboken’s cherished wine bar, and enjoyed a rosé wine flight.

Three wines were presented and the winner was a floral, fruity combo from Jean-Luc Colombo.


This little night out gave me a hankering for rosé so this week I opened up a wacky pink hued wine to share with my clients.

Vicentin Blanc de Malbec is a 100% Malbec that sees no skin maceration. The grapes are gently pressed to extract the juice, not color. This is a common practice in Champagne, but quite unconventional when making Malbec from Argentina. I must say that I am quite happy with the resulting light pink wine. It is juicy, tart, refreshing and pretty. The perfect pour for a picnic, which I plan to have in the near future.

IMG_4274 IMG_4277



*No, but seriously we did each purchase an orchid without knowing it. Guess we were all feeling the spring fever.