When I heard we were going to Nancy for the weekend I was so excited because one of my best friend’s name is Nancy! I totally wanted to find her a tee-shirt or postcard….but I was unsuccessful.

(me at Place Stanislas from the 18th C where we got a nice drink on a hot day)

We did however see a great improv/comedy show.  A friend’s sister’s fiancé performed on the France team.  There were 8 teams all from different countries and the skits were created on the spot–hence the improvision part 🙂

Very cool experience and a well-organized event.  j”étais mort de rire (dying laughing) to the things they came up with.  Sometimes the French went over my head, but this also happened to the group from Italy…

Love getting out and about in France and experiencing new things.


Dora the Explorer teaching English?

So this morning I woke up, turned on the TV and voila: Dora the Explorer.  Being a fan I decided not to change the channel.

I successfully helped Dora and Boots get to the hidden castle!  I know, I know I’m awesome.

So why am I posting this? Well because I discovered that Dora in France teaches English, not Spanish.  For those who dont know– Dora in the USA speaks English but also teaches the kids Spanish words.  But what I found out was that in France Dora speaks French and teaches the kids English.  To me this was intéressant!

I wonder if in other countries this language choice changes too?