Filling My Soul With That Which Was Missing

IMG_7449It’s been over two weeks since I was on VACATION!!!!

It really feels like only yesterday. I miss it so much. The first week back was extremely difficult to even get into the swing of life here in New York City. Post vacation depression. Does that happen to you too? Sometimes I even have it when I leave my friends after spending a weekend together in DC or something similar.

IMG_4512In any case, the details of my trip are missing from this blog. I began my adventure in Burgundy (my home away from home) for about five days.  I snuggled with the kids, ate and drank on the terrace for hours, drove through the quaint wine town of Beaune and the surrounding vineyards and even stopped for coffee at my favorite café in Dijon. It was a brilliant mix of activities that filled my heart with what I was missing for the past  four years since living there.

I even had the opportunity to visit the vineyards of one of the wine makers that I now represent in New York City. Emmanuel Giboulot makes very distinct natural wine and it was exciting for me to see each specific parcel. Emmanuel was just getting back from vacation when we met in his cellar on the outskirts of Beaune. After tasting some new vintages and seeing the new label design (which I am so excited about), we took his truck up into the vineyards. This perspective, actually seeing each parcel, is helpful as I share his wines with sommeliers domestically. I can now see where the wine I am selling has come from and the actual terroir and agricultural characteristics. As much as I love drinking wine, being within the rows of hanging grapes is what I love even more. It invigorates me, especially in France while speaking French 🙂

IMG_7501 IMG_7503




After the Côte d’Or I took the train north to Paris. I’ll recap next.


Summer Concert Series (Celebrate Brooklyn!)


Back in mid June the roomie and I went on another outdoor concert adventure, this time to Brooklyn. The concert was one of some 30 performances in Prospect Park throughout the summer, most of which are free. Starting in the late 70’s, Celebrate Brooklyn! is one of the longest New York City free outdoor performing arts festivals.

On the docket for us was The National, a band I had never seen live before. It was pretty special to see them in Brooklyn since they live in that area surrounding the park.



Unfortunately, this was a weekday concert and I was pretty exhausted from a long day at work in the humid weather. We soldiered on, however and it was totally worth it. With only two of us it was easy to wiggle our way through the crowd and into a nice spot up close. As the sun set strings of lights dimly lit the concert area creating a perfect New York summer scene.

IMG_6488 IMG_6487 IMG_6501


July 11 at 8:24pm

Tomorrow and Saturday you will be able to experience a beautiful natural masterpiece in the skyline of Manhattan: Manhattanhenge. As the sun sets, it will align perfectly with the gridded streets of the city.

Happening only twice a year, this popular photo opt is compared to the rising of the sun at Stonehenge in England (hence the name).

Will you be waiting in the streets to snap a photo?

Here is a tip for catching the view.

Summer Concert Series (Governors Ball)

This summer I’ve been taking advantage of concerts in the city. New York offers many free outdoor concerts through multiple organizations.

Summer also makes way for festival season. Speaking of which I went to Governor’s Ball for the first time. This three-day concert takes place on Randall’s Island in the beginning of summer. My friend and I decided on picking one day out of the three (too old to hang like that for three days straight).


It was such a fun day. Beautiful weather, a nice setup of stages, awesome music (Jack White, The Strokes, Naked & Famous, Broken Bells to name a few) and great company. I was actually most surprised by how zen the very diverse crowd of drunk people were. Guess that’s festival music lovers for ya 🙂

IMG_6226 IMG_6210

My friend was dog-sitting over in Astoria for the weekend so we conveniently were able to walk over the bridge onto the island, which was a fun adventure (except on the way home after a long day  of fun in the sun….ugh).

IMG_6197 IMG_6253


Recovery the next day was delicious. I think I like Astoria 🙂


Summer lovin’

Summertime in the city is kind of an interesting situation. On one end, everyone clears out to go to the beach and escape the humidity. On the other end, there is so much to do and the city really comes alive with activities and events.

Even last year, with no more than a few pennies to rub together, my summer adventures were abundant. Free outdoor movies and concerts, block parties everywhere you turn, runs on the west side, and discovering a few places to bask in the sun or just stop and people watch. This year I’ve added Hoboken to the mix and so far it has surprised me with it’s hidden gems.The first things I have noticed is that in Hoboken the main ticket to summer is the opening of the piers; specifically Pier 13.

A few weekends ago, I got to experience it for the first time. Food trucks line an area leading up to a beer garden with grass, lawn chairs and games (think dominos, jenga, cards). It felt like a backyard shared among strangers (not as creepy as I’m making it sound I swear). It was casual hot weather fun and I cant wait to do it again.

IMG_1523 IMG_1529 IMG_1550

The summer also encourages spur of the moment late night adventures. Last night was one such evening for me as I walked with friends over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. I suggest doing this at night as the skyline is beautiful and the graffiti along the path is pretty neat. It’s also fun to walk along as the J train makes its way down the middle of the bridge.

2013-06-19 22.51.37

Our walk ended with dinner at Radegast Hall & Biergarten. Oddly enough it is owned by the same people as the Hoboken Beer garden I went to and was coincidentally where I celebrated my roommates birthday just a few weekends ago. Here are pictures from that weekend:

IMG_1583 IMG_1589 IMG_1593

More summer fun to come!

Nem felejtettem el rólad

My absence during the past few weeks has been due to my travels abroad.  I am so excited to return this week and write all about it.  I got to spend a week visiting my friends and “family” in Burgundy and Paris.  Then I took a flight over to Hungary (this trip will be a story for the books my friends, and not in a good way).  So now I am sweating away in Budapest where it is literally 100*F!  My friend’s wedding is this afternoon so we are all preparing for that.  The church is right on the Danube and the ceremony will be in French and Hungarian (her fiancé is French).  It will be magical!

I leave you with that but there are stories to come…




Happy Friday everyone.  It has been a gorgeous afternoon.  I hope the weather cooperates all weekend because I have a baseball game to attend and some major Vitamin D to soak up 🙂 

Here are some random (if not very food-related) notes from my week on the web.

I really love this story about a Prussian baroness and her car.  Lifestyles like hers always seem unreal to me.  Credibility was created when I read that they found a cigarette with a lipstick stain in the car.  Like she just vanished…facinating!

Remember my post about fruit cakes?  Well, I was reading some David Lebovitz the other night and whattaya know…he made a fruit cake. Of course he called it Tu bi’Shvat, a Hebrew word, but it was a fruit cake for sure.  I enjoy David but I’m still not on board with the cake of fruit.  Lets just enjoy some dried fruit and stop putting it in cakes.

Alone time is so great and often overlooked in life.  Make sure to take time for you this weekend.

New restaurant Rosemary’s opens this coming week.  I love that the food from the rooftop garden “gets dropped down to the dining room in a basket on a block and tackle.”  Adding this spot to my list. 

Summer and popsicle. Who doesn’t have a memory involving these two delights? For me, I remember desserts of Dole fruit popsicle as a kid.  My sisters and I would grab a popsicle and run to the swing set in our backyard where we would swing for hours as liquid juice dripped down our hands.  After reading this article I may just have to find a swing set to go with my “adult popsicle” 🙂

Summertime fruit make me so happy

Memorial Day weekend

I hope that everyone enjoyed a great memorial day weekend. I was happy to leave the city grind and head to the beach.  Long Beach Island New Jersey has always been my home away from home.  It’s my number one escape destination.  A relaxing place to be and a place that holds so many cherished memories for my family and me.

Seafood, sand, long walks and lots of laughing.  We had a great weekend and AMAZINGLY sunny weather. I was even able to take a dip (65* waters).


1. clams for happy hour

2. surf and turf. Salmon and Moroccan chicken.

3. drinks!! PLus an impromptu wine tasting with my dernière bouteille of David Duband wine (back to France in a month for more).

4. Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of our troops, past and present.