Summer lovin’

Summertime in the city is kind of an interesting situation. On one end, everyone clears out to go to the beach and escape the humidity. On the other end, there is so much to do and the city really comes alive with activities and events.

Even last year, with no more than a few pennies to rub together, my summer adventures were abundant. Free outdoor movies and concerts, block parties everywhere you turn, runs on the west side, and discovering a few places to bask in the sun or just stop and people watch. This year I’ve added Hoboken to the mix and so far it has surprised me with it’s hidden gems.The first things I have noticed is that in Hoboken the main ticket to summer is the opening of the piers; specifically Pier 13.

A few weekends ago, I got to experience it for the first time. Food trucks line an area leading up to a beer garden with grass, lawn chairs and games (think dominos, jenga, cards). It felt like a backyard shared among strangers (not as creepy as I’m making it sound I swear). It was casual hot weather fun and I cant wait to do it again.

IMG_1523 IMG_1529 IMG_1550

The summer also encourages spur of the moment late night adventures. Last night was one such evening for me as I walked with friends over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. I suggest doing this at night as the skyline is beautiful and the graffiti along the path is pretty neat. It’s also fun to walk along as the J train makes its way down the middle of the bridge.

2013-06-19 22.51.37

Our walk ended with dinner at Radegast Hall & Biergarten. Oddly enough it is owned by the same people as the Hoboken Beer garden I went to and was coincidentally where I celebrated my roommates birthday just a few weekends ago. Here are pictures from that weekend:

IMG_1583 IMG_1589 IMG_1593

More summer fun to come!



One of the first really cool places I went to in Hoboken was the Biergarten. The roommates and I went during the tail end of winter, and I cannot wait to go back this summer to sit outside. That being said, the indoor “wintergarten” is where the authenticity lies. The space sits on the main floor of a 1920s brick factory building.  The large main dining room is something out of a medieval movie with long wooden tables and benches, thick wooden pillars, metal chandeliers, old stained windows and an open fire grill where the Austro-Hunarian menu is being cooked to perfection. During this visit we ordered authentic large pretzels, highly recommended mussels and a slew of BIERS. The Pilsener Haus and Biergarten (it’s official name) features a rotation of unique draft beers, served in glass mugs of course, and various bottles as well. Choosing one was the hardest and most daunting part.

I definitely recommend this place, especially for the beer loving crowd. You will find me here in the coming months for sure.

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