Walking in Tourist Shoes

I’m so excited because one of my best friends just moved up to my New York neck of the woods. When I moved here over a year ago, it was to pursue my career (although I didn’t know what that was yet) and to throw myself into a new (and fun) experience. I have enjoyed the ups and downs this city has thrown my way, but it has not been easy to be away from my friends. I think that many young girls who decide to move to Manhattan in their 20s do so with a group of close friends. Like an episode of Girls, they learn to master the subways and live in a box without air conditioning with one another’s support.  For me, these challenges were overcome alone and with the help of old friends and a few brand new ones too. I loved getting to rekindle various friendships in my new city, but I would have loved to do it all with ‘my girls.’

So when Sara told me that she was moving up this way, you can imagine my excitement. The best part is that she is super excited to explore the city, something I used to do daily but recently have forgotten about (which explains my lack of blogging material). I think you reach a point, wherever you live, when you have to remind yourself to be a tourist in your own world. I had reached a point of repetitive routine and I’m counting on Sara to jazz things up a bit.

The first thing we did together in NYC was take a walking food tour of Greenwich Village. I lived in this area during my nomadic life in NYC, had passed the stores and eaten in the pizza places on the line-up but I never took a tour of the area. Man did I learn A LOT!


We began in Washington Square Park where I learned about the Pauper cemetery that used to be there and the fountain that was the inspiration for Friends‘ opening credits. Then we walked Macdougal Street where I had a cappuccino from Caffe Reggio the first caffe in the US to serve one! This place is so neat and I will definitely be back with a book and a free afternoon  this winter. Idyllic. We ate Artichoke Pizza and falafel from Mamouns (I mentioned this was a food tour, right? I swear I don’t eat this much normally). We walked around Bedford Street to see the Friends’ apartment (I think our tour guide was obsessed with the show), ate rice balls from Faicco’s and pizza from Bleeker Street. Honestly, I couldn’t even eat the last few spots, but it was still so worth the walk because of the information I got to learn about this area of Manhattan.


New Manhattanites or lifers, I really suggest checking out these tours and acting like a tourist for a little bit. It does the body good.


2 thoughts on “Walking in Tourist Shoes

  1. Can we please go to Cafe Reggio on the next rainy day? Great blog post! 🙂 so happy to have another friend to explore with!

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