One of the first really cool places I went to in Hoboken was the Biergarten. The roommates and I went during the tail end of winter, and I cannot wait to go back this summer to sit outside. That being said, the indoor “wintergarten” is where the authenticity lies. The space sits on the main floor of a 1920s brick factory building.  The large main dining room is something out of a medieval movie with long wooden tables and benches, thick wooden pillars, metal chandeliers, old stained windows and an open fire grill where the Austro-Hunarian menu is being cooked to perfection. During this visit we ordered authentic large pretzels, highly recommended mussels and a slew of BIERS. The Pilsener Haus and Biergarten (it’s official name) features a rotation of unique draft beers, served in glass mugs of course, and various bottles as well. Choosing one was the hardest and most daunting part.

I definitely recommend this place, especially for the beer loving crowd. You will find me here in the coming months for sure.

IMG_2175 IMG_2178


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