Reflection on Feelings

I am not sure if I have ever been in love or simply lust. I guess I’ll know whether or not the times before were simply passionate moments of lustful feelings or actual love that burnt out too soon, once I am involved in a relationship that lasts. But that is a story not yet told.

Whatever these past relationships might have been, I know the blissful feelings I felt and the agony that tagged along when they were through. These are emotions that are depicted so vividly in the movie “Like Crazy.” I particularly remember watching “Like Crazy,” when I returned home from France, a bit heartbroken in more than one way to be honest. I must have watched the movie 3 times within a weekend and each time my heart wrenched with the raw emotions these characters feel. It was painful to watch but I wanted to watch it over and over; to feel what I was feeling in my own life through the story. Have you ever been there?

Well tonight, with an unbroken heart (!!), I turned the movie on again (the first time since that weekend) and it was so refreshing to not have those deep-seated feelings of longing and sadness electrifying through my core. I guess it goes to show that time heals all wounds. I’m thankful for that.

This clip below was and is one of my favorite parts.

**This was not meant to be depressing or anything. It was just a thought I had mi-movie and I wanted to share. Simple as that.

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