Hurricane Darkness

After being caught in the blackout of NYC, I spent some time back home with my parents while waiting for power to be restored at work and my apartment.  It was an inconvenience, of course, but I am thankful to have spent time home with friends and family. I am also thankful to have been spared of anything detrimental, as so many others have. As the days get darker and colder here, I think of all those still struggling with heat, power and damaged homes.

The Dark City of NYC. Creepy!

Living a few days as if I was in the 1800s, I kind of got used to hitting the sac early (i.e. when the sun went down), not having internet connection readily accessible and opening a book instead of flipping on a TV.  I would even say that I felt refreshed when returning to the city.  I now turn my phone off every night before bed, which as little as it might be, is the most relaxing thing in the world. Try it!

I hope you were safe during and after the Hurricane, and I hope that you can find a little piece of positive from the negative, as I have with my “technology breaks” and new goal to read more books.

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