Heart ache

So many times, I find myself stumbling (perhaps sometimes intentionally) upon French things.  Just 13 months spent living in that country but I have such an intense attachment to it none the less.  Most of the time these French encounters are as simple as passing a couple walking past me speaking French.  And sometimes, as I said, I seek these things out on my own.  These Frenchisms often come in the form of traveling to the Upper East side for an authentic café, spending $15 on French Vogue (yes, I did that), getting lost in a French movie or just listening to Edith Piaf.  Tonight it unexpectedly came by watching one of my favorite shows, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation.  The episode I came across was when Anthony went to Burgundy.  My old stomping grounds.  I will confess that I felt the need to cry while watching.  There was an intense ache in my heart as I watched him drive Le Route Des Grands Crus,  listened to him sing the typical Burgundy drinking songs, and of course see him eat the aliments and drink the wine of the region.  There was one part in particular which struck me.  Anthony went to a butcher shop in Auxerre and his “guide” described it as a common place to catch the town gossip.  He also mentioned how the butcher remembered what everyone ordered and would bill customers at the end of the week instead of at each visit.  This reminded me of the butcher shop I used to frequent in Nuits St George.  The woman who worked there was definitely the one who knew the town happenings (and a what she didn’t know she quickly found out) and she would often just mark down my order “for next time” if I didnt have money on me.  Why can’t everything here be traditional and relaxed like in France?

My heart is broken over France I believe.  And all I want to do is mend it with a bottle of Burgundy Pinot Noir…

One thought on “Heart ache

  1. It’s hard to believe you’ve only been home for a year. So much has happened, yet so much more to come. I’m sorry your heart is broken! I suppose France is never something you get over, just a place you return to …

    XO Mom

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