Soon Central Park’s leaves won’t be so green…

What a whirlwind life has been since my return from vacation in France.  It took me longer than I expected to share my tales from that trip with you, but a lot has been happening here in NYC.  First and foremost, I was homeless. So that was a complicated situation if there ever was one.  I must explain this predicament of course.  You may remember way back when I was planning my little vacation to France that I was living life as a freelancer and that my apartment’s lease was coming up to the end and after a break-in and some management issue, we weren’t positive if another year was in the works for us.  True to my denial tendencies, I decided to ignore the apartment thing and just focus on ending one job (my first real NYC job which was really just a temp position and didn’t pay enough to live in the big city) and going on my trip to France.

When I got home, life’s problems were still looming.  Duh.  So with a new freelance career (I was writing and balancing multiple part-time PR/Marketing gigs) and about two weeks until move-out day, I frantically began looking for apartments with my friend.  I suggest to never look for apartments in NY when you are on a huge time crunch.  Long and extremely stressful story short: I learned a lot about realtors, lost some money and came away with no apartment to show for it.  During this time I hit a stress level that I didn’t know existed and was unable to be productive freelancer; I was completely frozen in stress.  Looking back on this it’s a shame I couldn’t balance it all because I loved being able to do multiple jobs, make my own schedule and be involved in projects I was passionate about, all of which were creatively free.  But it is what it is and I just couldnt get my act together freelancing AND searching for an apartment that I didn’t have a budget for anyway.  So I took a step back, asked a few friends and family for favors (like sleeping on their couches) and focused on finding a full-time job that paid enough to support life in the city while also allowing me to follow my passions.  My networking from the past 8 months paid off and without the stress of an apartment search, I was able to really make things happen quickly.  I ended up taking a job at a wine and spirits importer/distributor doing their social media marketing.  I’m still adjusting but so far so good.  With the job figured out, I began searching for an apartment again.  Lucky for me, a few friends linked together and all of a sudden I was signing a lease to live in an affordable place with lots of room and with girls very similar to myself.  Golden!

So I am currently enjoying my last evening as a nomad**.  I am so thankful for friends and family who have taken me in, given me advice, believed in me, listened to my woes and put up with my indecisive and sometimes stubborn ways.  A few weeks from now will mark my one year since moving back to America from France.  I cannot believe that!   So much has already happened and I havent been in NYC for a year.  I can now understand how this city makes people grow up at such an elevated pace.

**I wrote this last week.  I am currently moved into the new place in Hoboken.  I hope to find a nice balance between days working in NYC and nights relaxing in my new home.

2 thoughts on “Soon Central Park’s leaves won’t be so green…

  1. Beth,

    Glad to see your stress level has decreased and you are getting settled. Sorry i missed you on your last trip to VA. Best of luck with your new settled life. Amanda may so be embarking on a new job also and Lauren is still looking for her first. Her stress level is pretty high right now. Tell your Mom and Dad I said hello.

    Amanda’s Dad

    • Hi Mr Hauck!
      I heard about Amanda’s life changes too 🙂 So exciting. I have a contact for Lauren, so I will be in touch with that information! Thanks for reading my blog. I hope my parents, Amanda and you and Mrs. Hauck can all get together soon! It’s been so long.

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