Dijon to Paris

The Dijon portion of my trip was a mix of déja vu, emotion, excitement and relaxation.  It also ended with me frantically trying to find a reason to stay longer (typical behavior).
So I applied to wine school.  I’m serious!  It really wasn’t that insane of an idea because I had wanted to apply last year as well.  So on one of my last days, I pulled an all-nighter to write my CV (resumé) and lettre de motivation in French (not something you should do on jetlag).  I sent all of the necessary information into the school the day before I left for Paris because one of the deadlines was that afternoon.  Unfortunately, my paperwork arrived just a tad too late and now I have to wait until September 1st for the decision of my acceptance.  On verra bien…

So with wine school in the back of my head and my heart yearning to stay poolside with the munchkins, I unwillingly got back on a train and headed to Paris for a few days of me, myself and I.  I had the keys to my friend’s apartment (she and her fiancé were already in Hungary preparing for their wedding day) so it really felt like I was living a Parisian life for those few days.  I walked down random streets, made my way through Montmarte (my favorite area) and even went to a museum exhibit (I’ll tell you about that later).  I ended my France portion of the trip with a Fourth of July dinner with friends, Tony and Florian.  The next morning I woke up and left Paris to take my flight to Budapest for the wedding.  Of course, as I will soon describe to you, nothing is ever easy when I travel…

This has always been a favorite place of mine. My first trip to Paris, I stayed in a hotel near Centre Pompidou.

in the 18th

Always have to make a stop at Shakespeare and Co bookstore near Notre Dame!

Lazy 4th of July afternoon at les Jardins des Tuileries

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