Stepping In

Last Friday I left you with a photo of a building in NYC.  I said that I had fulfilled a dream by having a meeting inside said building.  So what was this building/dream you might ask?

The Condé Nast building! 

I had a meeting at 4 Times Square last week and it was truly a “New York moment” for me. 

Since my move to this metropolis, networking has been my claim to fame.  I keep joking that I should write a book on the topic but really, I should.

Long networking story short, someone I know, knows someone at The New Yorker and I quickly found myself sitting in a lobby where the walls were covered with magazine covers past.  I was shaking. No literally, I was so nervous that I was physically trembling.  This was not an interview but the blessing and curse with networking/informational meetings is that you never know what might come out of them.  So I wanted to be prepared.  I mean this was the thing I had come to NYC to pursue: magazine publishing; specifically within Condé Nast.

So after some time waiting in what should be referred to as the no-mans-land of waiting rooms (It was so quiet and nobody was around.  Not even a receptionist exisits.), I was walked back to my meeting.  It was a super helpful brainstorming, netowkring and advice taking rendez-vous.  I left with a handful of New Yorker magazines and a new pep in my step/an enthusiasm to continue on my job search.  I finally got my foot in the door at Condé Nast and that was always going to be the first step (Oh me and my puns).

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