It’s been one of those weeks kids! Insanity at its finest and it doesn’t end with this post.  Work is continuing all weekend long for cette fille!  Ugh.  I hope to find time in between work and sleep to catch up on some of these posts lingering on my dash.  They were neglected this week but I am so excited to share them with you once they are ready! 

I did get a chance to surf the web (tid bits below) and I even saw another French film this week (indoors this time).  The movie, La Piscine, which features the beautiful Romy Schneider, was a bit twisted and very circa 1960s.  I havent quite figured out what I thought yet, but it did successfully make me want to be on a lazy summer vacation.  Guess I’ll just have to dream about that one…

Here are my bits of randomness:

//A nice interview from the blogger at one of my daily reads.  She talks about something I hope to stumble into one day…blogging as my job.

//I feel I find the best videos on Vimeo.  Is it the platform itself or just that really awesome people use Vimeo?  Well, I found one that was super cute this week.  The idea of putting things behind a curtain and having it be…well, just watch to find out 🙂

//This is fun stuff to know!  And even more fun (for me) is that I have actually locked lips at two of the places on the list. 😉

//Funny how trends pop up on very different blogs at the same exact time: Garance and Miss James are both talking about Hasbeens.

//I want to capture a moment in action like this.  Photo project for my weekend??

I will see you all early next week and I promise to have some great stuff to share!  Enjoy the weekend.  Relax, eat good food, spend time with good people and soak in that Vitamin D!

//P.S.// How could I forget to tell you guys: I had a meeting inside my dream building.  Do you recognize it?

I will fill you in Monday…

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