I am excited for a weekend of not-much-to-do!  I work tomorrow night (productive move) and will spend the rest of the weekend on me (essential move)!  I plan on lounging, reading, cleaning and maybe making some yummy food.  To kick off the weekend, tonight I’m going to go to Central Park for an outdoor screening of the French film OSS 117: CAIRO, NEST OF SPIES.  This is the fifth year that the French Embassy and NYC Parks have come together to put on this event.  There will be five total screenings throughout June and July and ce soir is the kick-off.  J’ai hâte de les regarder!

This weekend I might even make time to decorate my room; something I’ve been putting off.  I love this collage idea for my bare walls. I did a similar design when I redecorated my room at my parents’ house post-France.  The photos were from my travels abroad.  When I moved to NYC, I decided to start fresh so I guess I should get to step 1 and decide what to hang.

Of course besides my rendez-vous au parc, these weekend activities are all indoors.  With the nice weather we have (of course it may rain this weekend), I will need to take a stroll around with my camera.  Love snapping photos in the city.  I do sort of wish I was at the beach again this weekend (I’m such a beach bum).   Bike riding in beach towns on a lazy weekend..that woudl be ideal!  Soon I guess I could find myself joy riding around Manhattan with the rent-a-bike system.  Speaking of bikes (why do I continue to do this?) I found some fun for fellow biking enthusiasts.  You must check out these fun accessories.  From Nantucket style baskets to wine holders and wooden handlebars, there may be no limit for your bike!

I leave you with a beautiful song from some young talent.

Bon weekend mes amis!


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