Much ado about something

Here I am, back at my desk and back to mulling over the worlds problems. Or just my own world’s problems I guess. 

What to do next…  With an expired lease staring me in the face, lots of debt and a less-than-Manhattan-worthy salary at a job that depresses me; decisions seem to be evident.  The door is open but should I walk through it or continue walking blindly optimistic down this hallway?   The room with the open door would be so comfortable, especially as the hallway’s lights seem to flicker making it hard to see what’s around the corner.  Of course progress has been made and why leave when so many other doors fill the hall?  Who knows what awaits if I just persist a bit more.  But how much longer? 

I’m not actually looking for answers (and maybe you don’t even “get” my analogy).  I know I need to be silent and listen to myself.  Difficult to do in a city like Manhattan.

I recently read this writing sample from Marina Keegan, a 22-year-old Yale grad who died just this past weekend in a car accident.  Her words are powerful and thought-provoking.  Take a read

Me?  I am going to find a bench and a pad of paper: essentials for my decision-making process.


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