How is it Friday again?  I cannot believe I am saying this but it feels like just yesterday I was writing last week’s TGIF post!  I have been a busy bee…so busy that I have a few half-written posts about last weekend’s adventures that need to be shared! Désolé mes amis. Good things are worth the wait 🙂

Here are the tidbits from my week of interviewing, working multiple jobs and getting little sleep.  Even if blog stalking was on a back burner, I still have some things to share as you begin a beautiful weekend. PS- is just as pumped for weekends as Becoming French; they have a countdown on their page.  J’adore!


Madison Square Park


“Every Friday Lindsey from Lost in Cheeseland writes about a francophile.  She asks consistent questions but the answers are always interesting because she finds such different candidates to share.  This week things really got creative because Texas and Paris have converged on her site.  Enjoy reading about this Parisian cowgirl (I didn’t even know that was possible). 
Before I leave this subject, I have to quote the post because what Ellise says is one of the many things I enjoy most about France (read it and say AMEN with me),

“It’s still hard to understand how the city’s most famous ice cream maker, Berthillon, closes for the month of August, the biggest tourist month of the year. As an American you think, how is this possible? They could make so much money! This would never happen in the U.S. – and it probably wouldn’t. But this tells you everything a foreigner needs to know about French culture: business and making money aren’t the most important things in life.”

“Last night I watched HBO’s new show, “Girls”.  I am still trying to figure out how I feel about it.  In the beginning (when it aired) I was a bit anti but last night I very haphazardly gave it a try.  I am not sure I really want to spend any amount of time watching people have awkward sexual encounters (check out my friend’s blog for more on that topic), as this seems to be a bulk of the show.  Despite this, I found myself laughing out loud and sadly relating to the “broke girl in NYC” parts.  So do I give it a chance?  Is this going to become my guilty pleasure? Only time will tell.

“Simple enough: I’m craving this.  After a week of chocolate cravings to the max, I am ready for the fruity yet tangy bite that rhubarb gives.  This fruit/veggie (it is confused, much like a tomato) was first introduced to me as I indulged with a homemade tarte in France last year.  I was hooked!

“Love Reed Krakoff. Adore Garance Doré.  So when they collaborated on this project I knew I would love it! I think you will too.

“I’m dreaming this week of Cannes, France where the annual film festival began Wednesday.  This event is like a fairytale (most film events have this impression on me).  Celebrity, French Riviera, yachts, movies, fancy fashion, cocktail parties… Unfortunately, last year when living in France, I dropped the ball on making the dream of attending a reality.  Guess that just means I have something to look forward to (I want to go when I have the money to spend on such lavish living anyways).  This year the event kicked off with “Moonrise Kingdom.”  I am curious to see how the featured films are received by the press and public.  Last year’s event launched “The Artist” all the way to the Oscar podium.  Will this year bode such results?

“I’m so pumped because one of my favorite blogs is BACK!  I was wondering where she had been hiding and am happy to see the blog taking new design and inspiration.  Change is good!

OK ENOUGH! Go outside and enjoy the weather. Get off your computer! My best friend is in town and I cannot wait to explore the city with her.  She gets off the train in about 2 hours and I plan to meet her halfway (my office is super close).  Meeting halfway, coming off of the train, luggage in hand, on the streets of NYC; I am thinking it will be like a 1920’s film.  We may just have to run into each others arms… I told you I get carried away when I think of movies 🙂

Fra0238-small by lucbus
Fra0238-small, a photo by lucbus on Flickr.

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