Les dames et monsieurs, we have again arrived at VENDREDI!!! yippie. I don’t know about you but this week has kicked my sorry butt.  I am super ready for a weekend adventure out of the city. 

`Tonight I travel home where I will be greeted at the train station by my lovely sister.  Last time I saw her was down in TN, so I am stoked to see her face. 

`Saturday I am off to New Jersey.  Being a shore-baby, I couldn’t be happier!  My two girlfriends and I have tickets to the Florence and the Machine concert in Atlantic City.  Lucky us, my friend’s family has an amazing house in Ocean City where we will be soaking in salt air and exfoliating our feet in the sand.  

`Sunday it’s back to PA for quality time with my momma.  More to come next week about our celebration of my amazing mother. 

Before it all begins, here are some tidbits and shenanigans from my week blog surfing behind my desk…

I have this new obsession with Amsterdam after seeing A Cup of Jo’s post about her vacation there.  Don’t her pictures just make you want to get on a bike and rent a house-boat?  Maybe I am just obsessed with bikes this week…

I’m getting super excited for my return to France in about a month; even if I did go against the original plan by actually buying a return ticket back home. I mentioned this before on my Tumblr, but I am planning on seeing this exhibit while in Paris.  These two ladies (one and two) have some photos from this Marc Jacobs/ Louis Vuitton showcasing.

I love asparagus.  Behind fresh corn on the cob, it is my favorite spring/summer side.  Al dente with no fuss of a dressing or sauce is my favorite way to enjoy.  In all honesty, I have never really seen it prepared in a creative way.  That was until I found this recipe where my favorite veggie is shaved and raw!  I just have to give this a try asap.  

I know very well that my blow dryer is out of date*.  Every day I use it and every day, when my hair finally dries, there is a strong smell of burning hair.  Gross, I know.  I realize its most likely going to blow up one day but for now I am just lucky to have fast drying locks.  Although it is old, my online browsing** this week opened my eyes to just how prehistoric it is.  Check out these dryers.  Seriously? A touch screen?  Do you guys have these futuristic tools?

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Not for its timing but for its components!  A hearty breakfast is perfect any time of the day.  When I was younger I always loved when breakfast was for dinner 🙂  In France I missed having brunch and Sunday morning pancakes.  This blogger shares my soft spot for this American staple and her photos just makes my mouth water!

My best friend has shown me this blog a few times and now I am showing you all because it’s perfect.  I especially love the “A Picture An Hour” section.  How adorable are these kiddos and how fun is their mom?!

So many of my favorite daily reads have been updating their blogs/sites these days.  It’s inspiring me to take the steps to improve my own!!  What would you all like to see? What am I missing?  I have my own ideas for changes and improvements but would love to hear from my readers as well.

Félicitations à Garance and Scott*** for receiving the  CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Media Award!  What a neat idea they have to collaborate with fans in producing a short video montage.  I think my videography skills might have to get some exercise this coming week.  Garance’s blog is something I read daily and I always find inspiration in her stories. 
*OK this one is super random for you all but something I think of daily.

**I say browse because as you know, shopping is something I am not allowed to be doing!

***Yes, I will call them by their first name like we know each other personally. Don’t judge me.

I hope youre weekend is as peaceful as this photo looks!

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