I am feeling the itch. The travel itch.  Its more a suffocation that I feel, the traveling is my solution; my way to breath. I feel suffocated by NYC and the job search and the decision-making.  I feel trapped a lot and unable to see ahead clearly. 

THIS is where my head is at!  I mean just look at my job search notes here

“move to the south of France”

I am insane!!

A friend forwarded me a blog today.  This post kind of says it all.  I am running around in circles and not really even sure I am moving forward (I guess a circle doesn’t really move forward).  As the blog notes: its hard to not get sucked into the whirlwind of life as an American.

I need a break but I can’t afford one.  Afford: what a word.  It connotes money, which is the driving force behind much of what we do and don’t do in life.  I wish I could eliminate the burden of money. 

I am sorry to rant like this on a Friday but maybe this is my contribution to the new blogger trend: writing about our fearsThis blogger talked a lot about her financial situation.  She is doing what she loves but that doesn’t always produce a large paycheck.   She also talked about blogger transparency.  The idea that blogs paint this beautiful, fairy tale picture instead of the reality of unpaid rent and out dated wardrobes.  

I feel my blog, for the good or bad, doesn’t consist of these beautiful brush strokes–all the time.  It is rather a splatter paint.  Maybe even Picasso’s cubism period?  I tend to tell you my story, the struggles along with the fun. 

This all being said, I personally don’t think it is such a bad thing to write about lovely things or post pictures of wish-list items (Pinterest is full of dreamers).  Why not escape into a nice place when you read a blog?  It doesn’t mean the writers own every nice dress they post, or have time to finish the DIY craft they recommend or even go to any of the exotic pictures they include on the site. 

Do you go to blogs to dream or to hear someone’s story with the nitty-gritty? I assume the later if you are here with me:)  

Happy Friday everyone…I hope it is as relaxing as this photo.

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