Je veux boire un coup

My blog roll varies.  When I began blogging, I was living in France. I enjoyed following fashion, cooking and lifestyle blogs.  The genre of francophile/French blogs didn’t really interest me; after all, I was living there myself.  I wrote my own posts about being in France, but spent my time linking and reading blogs outside of my own genre.  It is fairly easy to find new and interesting (time-consuming) blogs to get lost in! 

When I came home to the States, all I wanted was FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH.  I decided to continue writing my blog with a quasi-French perspective and began frantically bookmarking all the francophile bloggers I could.  These sites allow me to escape back to the place I love!  After some time now I have chosen my favorite daily delves, but am amazed to still find so many French-inspired sites lurking in the blogosphere.  Unfortunately, these blogs tend to sing the same song, or at least hum a similar tune.  Most of the “french” blogs chronicle someone’s move to France;  an expat’s perspective if you will.  From these, a staggering amount are centered around food; a good majority about baking.  So when I came across Forest Collins’ French blog I knew it was something special.  Forest has decided to write a blog about drinking in the city of lights!

martini by meredith_nutting

Her plan: Try a martini at various night spots and compare.  Simple enough, and super fun!  Inviting her friends along, they indulge on martinis and house cocktails taking notes as they travel the menu.  This then becomes a tell-all post for you and me as Forest gives her opinion on each spot every Wednesday.

In a Francophile world where conversation centers around macaroons and fine wine, it’s nice to read an expat’s adventure in Paris’ cocktail bars.  I may have to take my own notes from 52 Martinis as I prepare for my return visit to France this summer!

Heels in the night by Deniooo


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