All things piled together, including the unread books on my shelf

It seems typical that everything happens on the same day.  Most days I have little-to-nothing special going on.  Then it seems that the one day I do have one thing planned, it suddenly becomes a mélange à trois and the commitment goes to the one I least prefer.  

I joined a book club at the Alliance Francaise on the upper east side.  When I joined the organization in general, I was really just looking for a way to keep my French speaking up to par.  So I thought that discussing books in French would be a good idea.  So I joined the club.  I even got a deal because my payment gave me the book and not one but three meetings (this book is a long and in-depth one).  Sadly, despite my best efforts, I have yet to attend a meeting and tonight marks the second of three. 

Same type of sob story with another group, Ed2010 (magazine job haven).  I am not a “member” of this one but have been looking forward to networking through the happy hours they organize.  The first one was back in February but I had just moved to the city and felt too overwhelmed to go to a happy hour, alone, ready to network with other editor hopefuls.  So I promised myself that I would go next time.  You should know the rest….”next time” just so happens to be tonight.  The same night as book club.  I briefly planned how I could do both, but then lucky event number three came along and all was lost.

So what is the event that has trumped the rest?  Hostess training!  Yes, a second job is needed and tonight is the beginning of the madness.  Blah!  I really need the job, and the quicker the training is over the better, but I just cannot believe how everything landed on the same night.  Bummer city 😦


Shakespeare & Co

Shakespeare & Co in Paris

On a positive note, and on a book note, I have been reading some French books.  Although I am not attending the meetings, I still am tying to get through the assigned novel.

At the same time, I am quickly flying through another, easier, French book.  This series, by François Lelord, was first introduced to me while living in France.  My Hungarian friend lent me Le voyage d’Hector ou la recherche du bonheur, which was her first French reading conquest.  So as I was perusing the FIAF library one day, I found Le Nouveau Voyage d’Hector : A la poursuite du temps qui passe Considering I never finished my friend’s book in France, I decided to tackle this one. 

Meanwhile I have not finished a book I began in January.  I received Unbroken for Christmas and although it is interesting, it was not hard for me to put down and forget about.  I became so wrapped up in my French literature challenge that I havent picked it up in months.  I tend to do this, start a book and never finish it.  I am not proud.

With all of that out on the table, here I am thinking (or dreaming) of summer and the beach where we all can agree that the best reading gets accomplished.  The summer before moving to France I read finished Eat, Pray, Love (inspiration to jet-set?!) and a few months back I finished Sarah’s Key.  I felt these were quick reads.  I am looking for another up beat, cannot-put-down read.  Vicki from French Essence has a list put together that I may have to check out.  Do you guys have any suggestions?  (No, I do not want to read 50 Shades of Gray.)


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