MDCV (TGIF in English)

Merci Dieu, C’est Vendredi!  Yes, I have literally translated the phrase TGIF to French.  Although I have never heard des Françaises utter this phrase, I am sure it will have its time.  Eventually.  For now, just my fellow Francophile friend and I are sharing in its creative genius!

Never the less it sure is Friday and what a long-awaited Friday it is.  Does anyone else feel a bit relieved to see the weekend in arm’s reach?  What was it about this week that made it so tiresome and snail-like?!

The weather:  I blame many things on the weather. My mood, my physical aches and pains, my motivation to do anything, my exercise habits… So blaming this half sunny, half gray, mostly wet and extremely chilly week on the fact that I feel as if I have been run over by a bus seems fitting.

The Search:  As I have previously mentioned, I am eyes deep (is that a saying?) in job searching and penny-pinching.  It is exhausting to say the least.  People say that New York can really kick your butt and here I am, mid-rumble, and I believe it’s safe to say that NY is winning. For now…

The Move: I have been waiting since February for my own apartment.  I found the right place, but my timing was wrong.  So I have been doing things the way many NYC newbies do: surfing around.  I like to call it a nomadic lifestyle.  I am lucky because I have so many AWESOME friends and family who have taken me in and made me feel welcome (I didn’t even have to sleep on any couches during my nomadic life).  The wait is over now and Sunday is the day: move-in day.  But have you ever waited for something such a long time that when it finally happens you still feel like you’re supposed to be waiting for it? Just me? Ok, well I feel this week has drug on slower just to spite me and my move-in.

But enough about the week behind us! It is FRIDAY (sorry, it was just too good not to link to that song) and time to look to the weekend ahead 🙂 How wonderful!

Musings to share as you leave the office:

-French Roast coffee has become my favorite. I promise it’s not because of the name (however it is a great coincidence).  Our coffee here in the office is not good.  And that might be an understatement.  Even though I order it, blame is NOT on me–I was told to order it.  I have, however, taken the liberty to change the flavors and French Roast is the newest addition.  It was a good decision if I do say so myself.

-I have found a new Francophile to follow! Check out Vicki’s French life on her blog and in her two books!

-This bag is my love.  It’s also way out of my league.

Do you all think this one is  a close second? Is it puurrdddy?? Be honest!

-I rewatched “Nine” this week.  I am a fan of the movie for its setting (Italy! sigh), it’s cast (Marion Cotillard AND Kate Hudson.. j’adore) and its musical numbers.  My favorite is, “my husband makes movies.” It’s sad but I still fall in love with it each time I hear it.  If you havent seen the movie “Nine” and enjoy musicals, I suggest renting it this weekend.

-As I mentioned before, I have joined Pinterest after some reevaluation.  I find it less obsessive than friends have claimed but still enjoyable in its own right.  It is definitely a nice way to relax on a lazy Sunday.  Follow me!

-This past week, my search for a waitress job brought me to the East Village’s French lounge, Affaire.  If you’re in the area and desire a French escape just walk in the front door and get swept away! (this is not a sponsorship post but I do think they should hire me now)

-What good is a weekend without home-cooking?  I have been meaning to try this recipe from one of my favorite food blogging couples.  Maybe this weekend the meal will find its way to the table… And why not these cookies for dessert?

Now get off of the internet and enjoy the weekend!  I leave you with a photo that has been saved on my desktop for a year now…there is something about it. What do you think?

À toute

locking legs


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