Try this out on your summer vacation

One of my favorite sites to check out is Flavor Magazine.  I usually find some cool trends or news to share with everyone.  The problem with linking to the page is that it is entirely in French.  So, I am taking on the challenge today of a translation exercise.  This is mostly for me but you get to learn about a really cool new car! YIPPPIE. 

It’s from the French car company Renault and I found it super cute and fun.  Wouldnt it be the perfect car to rent on your summer European vacation?

(Translated from Flavor Magazine. )

“Are you resistant of cars and anxious/nervous about scooters? It might just be that Le Twizy, the new invention by Renault, and their third car in the category “Zero emission”, was made for you!

Flavor had the pleasure of a test drive in Ibiza and now we’re giving you our opinion.

An urban, playful solution:

A car outside the norm, le Twizy is a quadricycle that falls between a car and a scooter.  It has very compact dimensions (2.34m long and 1.24m wide), allowing it to glide down the smallest roads and park perpendicularly on the sidewalk.

Keeping with its urban nature, it can carry two people: the passenger sitting behind the driver, like on a scooter or a motorcycle.

We regret, however, the absence of windows, which certainly gives it the ‘sporty’ look but which can cause problems when left parked in the city.

With its doors that open in a scissor formation, Twizy distinguishes itself from its neighbors.  It is also 100% personable and comes in three finishes: Urban, color, technical and four colors. [ok I’m not sure about these three categories but lets just roll with it}]

Solution for anyone who wants to drive, it comes in two categories: for people with or without licenses.

We had the chance to test drive le Twizy in the back roads of Ibiza as well as the city center, and all we can say is that it is very easy to drive.  The danger of traveling on the road we know by heart is that you must remember to wake up and pay attention, as the car’s engine is very reassuring. [OK, I’m not really sure if I did this one correctly either]

Neither of the two models, le Twizy (that has power of 80km/hour) nor the Twizy45 (the version for those without a license that only goes 45km/hour) have gears but instead two buttons, “forward” and “backward” along with two pedals, one to accelerate and one to break. 

We don’t even need to say that we were a bit like Princess Peach in Mario Cart…

Undeniable argument: it’s an eco car:

Le Twizy is 100% electric: not a drop of gas necessary, which is nice for Mother Earth but also for the wallet.  Knowing that the price of the later is not yet ready to lower, even the most stubborn person can find their account. [Ok here I know what they are trying to get across: that this is reason to buy the car, but the translation is lost between the two languages] Le Twizy can recharge on any outlet that is 220 volts (of course you must find one) for 3 and a half hours, and this allows it to run for 80 km.

Price: starting at 6,990 euros in all Renault areas.

OK so not too bad. There were maybe 5 words that I had to look up to be sure of.  But I think the bigger challenge would be to start writing my posts in both languages….

And on another note: How cool is this car? Would something like this even work in the US?  I am not too confident of its success in a large city like NYC (considering there are no windows) but a beach town? How about it?!




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