Springtime NYC brings France to me!

My mind has been racing with thoughts, fears, worries and concerns of job hunting and life decisions these past few weeks.  Its exciting some times, exhausting all the time and down right stressful mostly.  So on account of not wanting to put any more emphasis on these feelings, and because I assume that you people don’t come to my blog to stress out yourselves, I have been an absent blogger.  I apologize. Life goes on.

In the midst of this angst that I have been coping with, the weather here in NYC has been pretty awesome! Every time I leave work for my break I get so excited seeing the parks packed with happy people.*  This then bites me in the butt (adding to my depression) as I slither back into the building after these short moments of bliss.

This weather got me thinking about France (honestly, what doesn’t get me thinking/dreaming about my home away from home).  One of the things I love about France is the abundance of outdoor cafés and restaus.  When I lived there, my friends and I would always sit at the outdoor tables of our favorite cafés.  Even in the winter, when blankets and heat lamps were provided, we were outside!

I was told that my love of a European lifestyle would be satisfied in New York.  I was told that if I had to be in America, I might as well be in a city that feels like Europe.  In February, when I first arrived, I just didn’t get that feeling.  Sure, people might speak multiple languages and the streets are always bustling with tourists, but Europe’s vibe was not shining through the skyscraper sky. 

Then Spring hit and with it Europe-in-NYC made its appearance.  Terraces took over the sidewalks, rooftops and gardens opened, and the walls of restaurants suddenly melted away to create an open dining experience!  My heart fluttered 🙂 What a way to de-stress.  How can you not be happy when you’re enjoying a meal, feeling as if you are half outdoors, half indoors? It’s like an outdoor shower…less soap and water, more appetizers and wine.

Does New York ever make you feel like you are somewhere else?  Amid the hustle and bustle are you able to find ways to relax and enjoy the city?  Like sitting on a patio. 

If you’re not in NY, what is your favorite thing about the arrival of warmer weather? And what makes you de-stress?


* I wonder, what do those people sitting in the park do/not do to have so much free time?! They live in NYC but don’t work a 9-5? Sign me up!!!

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