Pinning myself up

So Pinterest and I are making amends. I bashed it down a month ago but now I ask forgiveness. I still am not sure I would choose it over other sites, but it does serve as a nice platform for sharing trends. As someone who is interested in the social media jobs popping up, I think it’s good to explore all of the sites.  So I throw in the towel on the Pinterest battle. 

This site, which used to be flooded with sorority wedding dreamers, is evolving to more than I had originally thought. Magazines such as Marie Claire even have an account….guess its not all that bad.  People are attracted to the idea of getting insider information and seeing someone’s inspirational board is just that.  This is Pinterest’s pitch in my eyes.  And as this article says, the variety of social media tools used today means finding ways to use them all differently.   

So follow me and see what inspires me (once I get my account that is.  I am still un easy about being told I am on a “waiting list” when I signed up.  Elitism–when I am on the bottom rung–doesnt work well with me.).  Then come back to my blog (where you are now!) and read about my experiences in this crazy life and then check out my Flickr for photos of my travels and dont forget to follow my Twitter handle so that you can get up to date 140 character or less memos about–you guessed it– ME!!!

How vain is this new media world we live in. I mean really?!


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