Munchin’ on some brunch

Yesterday I began a new chapter on this journey.  I have been living in Brooklyn since February thanks to a friend’s convenient traveling schedule.  But nobody can leave New York for too long and he eventually came back to claim his space. So as of yesterday I am no longer a Brooklyn resident.  I think I will refer to myself as a nomad for the next month until I move into my very own NYC apartment at the end of April.

To say au revoir to Brooklyn I thought it best to have a nice brunch.  Brunch has a special place in my heart, being the one thing I really missed while in France.  And New Yorkers seem to appreciate a weekend brunch just as much, making me a very happy girl!

My idea was to go to Café Colette because one of my favorite bloggers had written or tweeted about it.  I don’t remember which blogger or which social media outlet but I know that I have wanted to check out this café for a while now.

Walking up Berry Street however, something else caught our eye.  Across the street from the destination spot we saw a restaurant with its large windows open, allowing customers to use the sill as a seat.  The idea of sitting half outside/half inside seemed ideal on the sunny afternoon.  We stood at a cross roads (literally).  It was one of those moments where you have to decide if you go with a planned adventure or a spur-of-the-moment decision.  Both brunch spots were unknown territory, but Spring-fever had taken full-effect and the quasi-outdoor seating won the battle.


That’s how we found ourselves enjoying fruity drinks and savory eggs at the Latin/Italian restaurant Miranda.  Being St Patty’s day we also threw in some Irish soda bread for effect.  I can’t compare this place with Café Colette (it is still on the list), but I can say that I will be returning very soon.  The people were kind, the food delicious and the large selection of wine that lined the walls tugged at my heart strings.

I enjoyed the smoked salmon scramble (eggs with goat cheese, chives, smoked salmon and served with the house chile de arbol hot sauce) and the self-named cocktail “la miranda” (moscato, prosecco and guava).


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