No interest in the Pinterest

I began this MARCH FIRST post about how I have been having trouble finishing my posts.  (Creative topic, I know)

I currently have four posts in draft form and can’t seem to think coherently enough to finish them.  I seem to get to a point in writing where I doubt the idea I started with, become uninterested or find my mind drifting on to create another half-written post.  Ironically enough, the first post I’ve finished in a while was that one–the one about not being able to finish a post.

And now I am deleting it.

Because I have been intrigued by all the recent hype over Pinterest.  I know it has been around for a while now, but for some reason in the past three days Pinterest has ended up on my radar a trillion times.

It began with a Forbes article, then a friend posted a “pin” to Facebook, and to top off the week (and create such an annoyance to get me writing), I just finished a conversation with a friend about whether or not I use Pinterest.  He thought I “struck him as one who would be a user.”  I had to tell myself not to take offense to that, being that my ideas toward Pinterest are that it is an outlet for a bunch of wedding obsessed sorority girls to post their dreams, color schemes and other “oh so cute” wish lists.

(I swear I’ve become less cynical within the past year.)

Anyways, my journalistic mind began asking questions and I wondered what I was missing and why this site was suddenly dropped in front of my face so many times.

I always assumed Pinterest was for posting other people’s ideas, pictures and recipes that you liked.  Being a creative person (journalist, photographer and traveler), I never liked the idea of using someone else’s ideas on my own sites.  I would rather post my own photos than copy-and-paste someone else’s into my creative domain.  This is why on my Tumblr, an inspiration board-type outlet for me, I try to keep what I can original work.  There are times when this gets complicated (because I am inspired and want to share) and in these times I always note that the work is not mine.

Then I came across an article and all of my preconceived notions about Pinterest were challenged.  I was correct that Pinterest “etiquette” is anti-self promotion but I was wrong to think so narrowly of the site’s uses.  Although Forbes writer Susan Adams understands “the rules,” she also sees Pinterest as an opportunity to mix it up.  Showcasing ones own work while at the same time pining outside sources is the clever new twist.

An interesting idea, however, I am not yet a convert.  Social media sites are my sidekicks.  Twitter is never closed on my iPhone, Tumblr is my go-to for inspiration displacement and I share my mind-riveting 😉 thoughts here on my blog.  Not to mention there is Facebook and LinkedIn…How many social media sites do we really need?  I am ok with our generations current social media Mod Podge as long as each has a different and specific role.  In my mind presently Pinterest would just be a replica of my Tumblr.  If I can find a way to make Pinterest more of a portfolio situation as Susan Adams suggests, then I may just hop on the wagon.  Until then, you will find me tumbling, tweeting and writing as I have no interest in the Pinterest 🙂

Do you use Pinterest?  How do you use it?  Original work or internet pulling?

Would you use it as a portfolio for a job search?

8 thoughts on “No interest in the Pinterest

  1. Well, since I am engaged and spend practically every free moment pinning, Printerest does have a special place in my heart and bookmarked on my browser. I can see how it lacks creativity, but I still enjoy browsing other peoples ideas to get inspiration. If you see an idea you like, you always have the opportunity to make it your own.

  2. It took me awhile to understand Pinterest. I use it to pin ideas, such as art projects, recipes, design, photography ideas, jewelry making, etc. from other people so that one day I can try out those things myself.

  3. One big difference between Tumblr and Pinterest– and it’s important for the people who are creating the original content, whether it be a recipe, a DIY or a photo– is that Pinterest saves the link to the original source and will take you to the website when you click the picture (even if it’s been repinned many times). Tumblr is a black hole of missing links (most of the time) and people just re-blog all the content and typically the credit to the original author is lost in the mix.

    • If Pinterest saves this link automatically, then yes. What a great feature!
      I do however use Tumblr and attach the source (if it’s not original of course). So when someone clicks on a quote for example, they are taken to the page where I found the quote. THis is the job of anyone posting on the web right? Unfortunatley there are many who don’t do such things and that is the product of having so many amateur “journalists” on the web now adays.

      I’m seeing another post develop Caitlin, Responsibility on the web??? 🙂

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