Old Hollywood with a largely French influence…j’adore

I am a sucker for an awards ceremony.  Fancy dresses, the red carpet, a packed venue, awards and the surprises.  It transports me to “Old Hollywood” where things feel glamorous and special.

The Oscars epitomize this feeling.

For me, last night’s 84th Academy Awards ceremony had a more prominent “Old Hollywood” style feeling.  Popcorn was served, the performance portrayed “a night at the movies” and a silent black-and-white film won best picture.

I began the night early with the preshows.  I spent my night watching everything leading up to the big event allowing me to get a real inside look.

It began with the fashion on the Red Carpet.  If you follow my tweets you are already aware that I literally sat with laptop on my bed, E! on the TV and disclosed my every thought about everything I saw.  That’s what Twitter is for, so no apologies 🙂

Then I flipped over to ABC where they featured some nice behind-the-scenes interviews about what goes into making global production a reality.

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice the amount of French during this year’s program? I’m not only talking about Jean Dujardin or his movie “The Artist”* or even the Paris based films “Hugo” and “Midnight in Paris,” but the commercials as well. I felt like for a while every other ad featured a French song or had French words or used a picture from France.  No complaints by me but interesting all the same.

Top 5 moments for me:

1. Cirque du Soleil (I’m already proving my above point!) performance. How do they do it?  This gave an extra magical feeling to the evening.

2. Seeing Christopher Plummer (stud from Sound of Music) win an Oscar at 82, making him the oldest person to do so.

3. The winner in the documentary category about women victim to acid burns in Pakistan.  I am interested to see the film because it is an issue I am not familiar with but intrigued by.

4. The French in me was more than ecstatic about “The Artist” winning best picture and Jean Dujardin** overtaking Hollywood big timers Clooney and Pitt.

5. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis presented.  Loved the skit they did, especially dropping the cymbals on the floor at the end.

Now here I am at work, exhausted from staying up late after an already busy weekend.  But I just can’t deny my love for movies and of course my love affair with the fantasy of an award show.

*I have yet to see this movie but it has been on my “list” since I left France in October.  It premiered in France first and I remember being excited to see it before my fellow Americans.  I never did make it happen before jet setting back home and now I am itching more than ever to go.  A friend told me about an old theater in NYC with a chandelier in the middle of the room and everything. I feel this is the perfect place to see a black and white silent film!  Talk about time traveling to an “old Hollywood” era.

**Last year in France my favorite movie that I saw was “Les Petits Mouchoirs” (“Little White LIes”).  This was my first time seeing Dujardin and c’etait le coup de foudre 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old Hollywood with a largely French influence…j’adore

  1. So nice watch the awards with you this year! I think it was the best Academy Awards night ever. Very well done and, as you so nicely stated, old fashion in it’s flare.
    xoxo Mom

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