motivating circumstances

I have never in my life been so inspired to find the job of my dreams.

I would love to say that it’s the New York air providing this burst of inspiration but honestly it’s mostly due to the undreamlike temp job I am currently doing.  Its seems like a great company with a nach for what they are doing but my repetitive data-entry position is rather dull.

Ok Ok I get it.  It’s not permanent, it pays and the dull process is actually a very helpful and necessary job for this large company.  All this however doesn’t negate the fact that it’s not why I moved to The Big Apple.  I want my dreams to come true and I want to have my mind blown.  Baby steps they say.  And I am taking those steps even if they are in high heels thank you very much!

At least I can thank these jobs for giving me motivation to go after what I want for a career.

But it’s the weekend so hooray for that.  The first weekend living in this metropolis and I cannot wait to explore (and apply for jobs–I did say I was inspired after all).

Already last night I enjoyed a ramen dinner with an old friend at Momofuku.  There are so many great restaurants and bars to try…just need to land that job to pay for it all 🙂

Then today I hit the streets of Brooklyn as I did another tourist run.  This time I took a different (and longer) route which led me all the way through downtown Brooklyn, ending at the Brooklyn Bridge.  I enjoyed seeing another side of this borough as the area I live in is a bit…dodgy we shall say.  Cannot wait to explore the boutiques and cafés in and around the downtown area!

Pratt Institute


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