East Coast touring

The French have arrived and we have already covered so much ground!  It is their first trip to America and therefore I have tried my best to show many different cities and sites.

We hit the ground running as they arrived at JFK and I took them to Coney Island.  Although it was freezing, the vacant park was a neat experience for even me.

Next stop was a weekend in D.C.  Of course what is a road trip without a few pit stops.  So I took a scenic route and got out in Annapolis, MD where we toured the Naval Academy and ate some crab cakes.

Being a JMU grad, D.C. is home to many of my closest friends and a constant place to go and spend the weekend. That being said we had a great time going out and partying together.  We also made sure to do the site seeing necessary.  The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capital building, Smithsonian museums and even the Constitution.  Over achievers we were.

We ended the weekend with a stroll through Georgetown.  Cupcakes, coffee and shopping filled the rainy afternoon before we made moves northbound on I-95.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs so we took Tuesday exploring center city.  Cheesesteaks, South Street, the Rocky steps at the art museum, City Hall, LOVE statue and Old City were all stops.  Let’s just say I wore the wrong shoes for such an extensive day and am paying for it now.

I would have to say these boys are spoiled.  Seeing so much in one trip to the U.S of A.

Next stop: THE BIG APPLE!

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