New Year with New opportunities…in New York?!

It has been such a long time since I have been awake before 8am. I know, I know.  Everyone with a real job hates me right now.  It’s not that I’m extremely lazy: I did spend many years of my life (including four in college) waking up before most people hit their REM sleep (life of a swimmer).

But here I am, Friday the 13th and I got up at 7am! And although I miss being in my bed with Kelly Live!, I can already feel the productivity flowing through my bloodstream.  One appointment out-of-the-way early and hopefully a long list of “to-dos” to cross off before work tonight.  But right now I’m just enjoying some Starbucks as I get back on the blogging trail.  So sorry for the absence–my mind has been soaring elsewhere recently.

Decision making stresses me out.  Especially when it’s for something that I consider a “life change.”  I am someone who can see both sides of situations and find myself easily placed on either side of an issue.  This can be a good thing in some instances, as I can easily adapt to situations, but also a bad one when trying to make a decision.  I usually end up making decisions based on passion since I can argue either side til the window for an answer is closed.  That’s how I ended up in France.  I thought it all out logically first.  I was so scared to miss out on finding a job after graduation but also knew the opportunity to travel was important to me and might not be open again.  I was nervous that the family would not mesh with me and on the other side I thought, what if I meet my husband! (this didn’t happen)  Notice the meticulous bouncing back and forth. Negative to positive to negative.  So I ended up just going for the move to France.  I turned off the negative brain waves (my career as a swimmer actually trained me in this skill) and dove (no swimmer pun intended) for the chance at something new.

And you know what? It was the best thing I ever did!

Knowing this about myself you would think that the next big decision might not be so difficult.  Not the case.  I again found myself weighing both sides of a life changing situation and meddling on the possible negative outcomes.  When I finally was stressed, nauseous and upset over it all I slapped myself in the face (not really) and just told myself to GO WITH IT!

So decision made: I am moving to NYC for the month of February and seeing how it goes.  A trial run if you will.  Next month I hope to get some temp work, try to network into a real job (one where I will most definitely be waking before 9) and find a place to live.  Everyone has to do it once right; a New York adventure.  I am so excited–when I’m not thinking of the money I’ll be spending and the possibility that things might not work out…. (TURN OFF THE NEGATIVITY)

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