I might just stick to eating the cookies

I have my first cookie exchange party tomorrow night and I am so excited.  Mostly because I cannot wait to see all of the yummy cookies and EAT THEM!  When I RSVPd that is about all I could think of: eating the cookies.  Now here I am, the eve of, and I am realizing that I must also bake some cookies myself.  Might not seem like a big deal to some but for me it’s a bit daunting for two reasons.

1) Baking and I don’t always get along.  The whole exact measurements and step-by-step instructions which include waiting for things to cool completely…  I’m much better at throwing this or that in a pan, taste testing it, adding some more or something else and eating it for dinner; winging it is the term I use, others call it cooking.  This method doesn’t work so much for baking.

2) My friend is vegan and I have agreed to make my cookies vegan so that she has someone to trade with at the event.  Now I’m realizing that vegan means no butter or egg, two very important ingredients for a quality cookie that doesn’t fall apart on the baking sheet.  (I already have this issue when I do use butter and egg…) So the ante has been upped.

No problem finding the recipes or the special substitute ingredients like flax-seed, non-dairy butter and cashews.  Off to a great start.  After a quick search on the internet for what makes a good flax-seed egg, I survived that challenge too 🙂 Go me!

I mix the dough, pre heat the ovens; things are going smoothly.  Then it arrives: the first mishap.  My cookies are most definitely not cooked after 20 minutes.  Maybe I made them too big?  Measurements of 2 inches are like a golf ball right? (I know I’m wrong)  I guess I didn’t flatten them?  So I leave them in a while longer.

Bigger cookie=more time needed.  Right?  Notice how I assume so much while baking. This is what gets me into trouble.

Pre-oven phase

I wait a bit longer.  The problem becomes that they are not holding together very well.  I do a test run of picking one up and it begins to break.  I quickly smush it back together and close the oven door.  Another 25 minutes later (double the original time) I pull the suckers out and call it a valiant effort.  They aren’t pretty and I am not even sure they will come up in full cookie form after the cooling process–which I am determined to wait out in the full–but they are done.

Finished product

So now the second batch is in the oven.  Different cookie.  Looking better already.  Problem with this group is that I am using the “broken” oven.  So far it preheated with only one mishap so as long as I keep an eye on it maybe it won’t turn off mid-bake…

And it was a success.  Even the first batch that I was scared about are good (yes I taste tested…how could I not).  Now I think I’ll squeeze in a run so I am not tempted to disturb the cooling process. 

Are you a good baker? Any good recipes?  Have you ever tried vegan recipes?

I’ll let you all know how the exchange goes tomorrow night. 

2 thoughts on “I might just stick to eating the cookies

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