This past weekend I traveled up to New York City!  It’s always a good time of the year to make the trip because of all the fun holiday things that go on there.  EVery store is decorated to the nines, the huge tree is up at Rockefeller center and people brave the cold weather just to bask in the lights of the city that doesn’t sleep.

This year I was excited to be put in the Christmas spirit in a new way: a bar crawl.  I participated in the santacon, a bar crawl type event all over the city.  The idea is to dress up and spend the entire day moving from place to place throughout the city.  Twitter posts mapped out the destinations throughout the day starting in both the upper and lower ends of the city.  I stayed with a friend on the Lower East side and dressed up like a reindeer.  This type of madness would NEVER fly in France. Just saying…

Before leaving PA I was deciding between a candy cane or a reindeer but when I forgot to pack my white jeans the decision was made for me.  And I have to say, I was happy with the choice!  My friends were Christmas trees, elves, Mrs Clause, Santa (of course), and there were even a few presents in the mix.









We began the party with a 9am brunch.  As the sea of red accumulated in the apartment we finally hit the road to go to the first bar.

It was hilarious walking around the city and hailing cabs dressed in the crazy costumes.  Even more hilarious was that the streets, bars and cabs were packed with festive young adults.  From up town to downtown participants were showing a lot of Christmas spirit!  I can even recall Christmas carols being sung in the streets.

Took this on the second floor of one of the bars during Santacon

Me and my friends ended up finishing the afternoon at Rockefeller center’s famous Christmas tree.  Perfection in my eyes  🙂

Although the hype was about dressing up and having fun, the whole idea was based on a more meaningful reason for the season: helping others.  Many of the bars donated a portion of their proceeds to Toys For Tots and at the starting points non-perishable food items were collected for the Food Bank for NYC.

All in all the weekend, although unconventional, was a very fun way to get in the holiday spirit.  I now have the carols playing 24/7, I am watching all the fun Christmas movies on TV and am going to be baking lots of cookies this week for the many parties I have coming up!

Hope you all had a fun weekend preparing for the holidays.  Just 13 short days away!

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