Comfort food

It’s a rainy gray day here in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I wish I was on the beach.  Since that won’t be happening I decided to just cozy up and enjoy the day as is.  I have monkey bread in the oven and a cup of coffee next to me. So far so good.  I think a movie like The Holiday or The Family Stone (am I the only person who enjoys this movie?) would put the icing onto this cake…or monkey bread 😉

I would skip the movie and curl up with a good book but I just finished mine this morning and am not sure what to pick up next.  I was reading Sarah’s Key and although it intrigued me (finishing it to the end is a sign of this for me) I was not blown away like people had said I would be.  I felt connected to the French references and was touched by the beginning chapters where the author flashes back to the life of a little girl, Sarah and her Jewish family’s story in France during the Holocaust.  The style of writing however, I found elementary and basic.  I assume this book was originally written in French since the author herself is French.  So maybe something were lost in translation.  Even so, I found myself annoyed at the main character’s selfishness in the end.  I don’t want to give too much away but if you read the book you will understand when I say I found myself “siding” with her mother-in-law’s point of view.

Maybe it is time for an uplifting read to counterbalance these dreary days of winter. Any suggestions?

For now I’ll just eat my sugary snack and watch a mindless film.

The form was lost in the "plating" but it still tastes sooo good!

3 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. I love the Family Stone! I just finished reading The Help. It was really good most likely better than the movie, which I haven’t seen yet.

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