Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?  After blogging everyday in November I took the past few days off.  I did enjoy posting everyday but it felt a bit like a chore especially when I didn’t really have anything interesting to say.  I admit it, I’m not always interesting.  So although November is over I’m still blogging 🙂

This past weekend I traveled up to Princeton University for a swim meet.  My alma mater, JMU, was swimming the Tigers and a bunch of other schools in a three-day invitational.  I was excited to see the girls compete because it had been so long.  I watched some good swimming and diving, caught up with some friends and walked around the beautiful town of Princeton.

When you go to Princeton, New Jersey it just feels magical.  It’s a college town that you would find in postcards.  The old buildings of campus look like something out of Harry Potter and the little cafés and boutiques downtown are so quaint you can’t help snapping millions of pictures–or at least I couldn’t.

This place was called Halo Fête...how could I not be drawn to that French name!

Modern buildings like this one mix things up on a very old campus

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