Admit it.

You woke up this morning to make sure it was TiVoed.

You have been counting down the days since last year.

And now the waiting is up.  You’re at work just itching to get out, eat dinner and get in front of the TV because tonight is the night.


I’m so excited for the amazingness that is this fashion show!  We never know exactly who will wear what or how large the Angel wings will be, but we do know that it will be creative and fun.

It’s also a given that:

1. I will go on a diet after watching the show. Just kidding but it will be major inspiration for a workout!

2. Maroon 5 will perform but more importantly Jay-Z will also be there and I love him!

3. Miranda Kerr will wear a $2,500,000 bra!!!!!!!!

4. My Christmas list will be a lot longer 😉

So don’t hide your excitement boys and girls.  Ill post some favorites after the show tonight 🙂

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