“A Beautiful Fantasy”


Colors were bright, wings were big, musical performances were loud and it was so sparkly!!! Loved it 🙂

My favorite parts/things/outfits:

1. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom–need I say more?  How cute was he whenever she came down the runway?!  And how amazing did she look in her first show since having her baby! YGG (you go girl).

2. The “Superhero” look during the Kanye West “stronger” performance was my favorite.  Can I put those capes on my list??









3. Jay-Z. Enough said.

I really enjoyed watching the show.  I think the way they go into behind the scenes moments and creative development is a good idea. It is not all about being beautiful and skinny (although there were some girls who need to eat a burger!).  There is a HUGE creative /artistic side to fashion (and this show) that I enjoy hearing about.  Especially for the “Spell on You” segment of the show.

Did you watch? Are you anti or pro VS fashion show?  I think I can understand both arguments but if you think of the creativity that went into those costumes–the costumes each year–it really is a cool endeavor! Who thought bra and underwear could be so intricate and fun?

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