Have you ever received a fruit cake?  Literally I never have.  I don’t understand why they are even still a part of this world.  When directions for making one say, “fruitcake should be made well in advance of the time that they will be used. One month of storage is a necessity. Two, three, or even four months is not too long a time if the storage facilities are cool and dry,” I am a little turned off by the lack of freshness.

But they still sneak up into conversation (hopefully not into any mouths) during this time of the year.

So why all this talk about an uneatable tradition?  Well, I just watched Unwrapped (love this show!) on the Food Network and found out about a very funny use for these wintery cakes.  I guess since nobody eats them using them this way is as logical as any. But really..why are they even still being made?  And why in Colorado?!

I guess what I’m trying to say is next time you get a fruit cake, launch it out the front door.

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