one is silver and the other gold

Being our normal selves

So last night was my 5 year high school reunion.  It was actually a great time and I enjoyed getting to see everyone in one large setting.  It was interesting how people knew a little bit about most everyone’s recent happenings because of our friend Facebook.  I can only imagine that reunions like mine are so much better attended nowadays because of social media’s networking benefits. What a world we live in.

Before I headed to the actual reunion my close friends and I had a nice dinner.  Since high school, life has taken all of us to different schools, travels, jobs and cities.  Although the email threads continue between us it had been a long time since we were all together in one place.  That’s what I love about Thanksgiving–everyone together again.

I also love when all the madness ends too and I am able to put my feet up with some tea and my laptop.  Between sisters returning for a long weekend (I was getting used to a bathroom all to myself) and extended family coming for Thanksgiving dinner I feel like a tornado has ripped through the house.  It will be nice to clean up a bit and regain a little schedule this week.  Of course my schedule these days is always a little unset.

Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend with family and old friends.  I sure did!!

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