Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving love to all my cyber buddies!

Turkey Tom always making an appearance

Just finished my second piece of pie 🙂

This year I made an apple blueberry pie.  Usually my specialty is the apple pie but I decided to step it up a notch.  And what a delicious treat it was!  I got the recipe from Southern Living and it had a cheddar pie crust. It was the first time I made my crust.  So proud of myself because although I am the apple pie maker for this holiday, baking is not my thing.

So how did this become my job?  Good question. Basically I was suckered into it as the apprentice to my cousin Jackie.  And when she is not around….I am on my own.  And I must say I have done a good job….the pie is already gone 🙂

My pie

Southern Living's pie. I did pretty well huh?!

I hope everyone enjoyed a very delicious fun-filled day.  I must get back to the family, beer and football in the other room!  I leave you with this post (especially for my French friends).  Last year in France I had a hard time explaining everything about this holiday and I think that Garance does a great job of pulling it all together.

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