The Thanksgiving marathon event is here

And it is upon us! Thanksgiving madness; pre, post and day of.  It all begins today as the grocery stores are a zoo with people picking up spices, eggs, green beans, apples, pumpkin filling… Oh yeah, and the turkey.  That was my job this morning; pick up the 26lb turkey at Whole Foods market.  We ordered it ahead of time so when I walked in I told the people my name and voilà, turkey!  The craziness of today doesn’t stop there because tonight is the biggest bar night of the year.  Being a waitress at a very popular bar in town, I am working tonight so will be seeing all my friends from childhood that way.  I expect the bar to be packed and the tables to be vacant, making for a frustrating night of work but we will see how it all pans out.

Then tomorrow is THE DAY.  Family arrives at our house in the early afternoon to eat and drink until The Bird is cooked.  I hope the sun shines bright tomorrow because this rain is killing me.

And lastly the post Thanksgiving day panic, otherwise known as Black Friday.  My family has never been huge Black Friday participators.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER shopped at 4am unless it was on the internet in my sweats.  But this year I might join the mobs because I am in the market for a  new laptop.  Being that saving money is the name of the game these days I wouldn’t mind finding a Mac that is $100 off.  But I’m nervous.   Any tips for a first timer? I may just stick to the online sales instead of venturing out into the very unknown…

Anyway I found this video and was just blown away by the dedication to Black Friday shopping. (Black Friday Enthusiasts)  I couldn’t help thinking how this would NEVER happen in France.  Camping out to go to a sale? I don’t think that is very French at all.  Americans take just about everything to the next level and after a year in France I find myself blown away more than ever by the crazy things we do.

Are you ready to see old High School and childhood friends tonight?  Are all the groceries  ready to go for tomorrow?  Is Black Friday on your list of “to do’s”?

Be safe tonight!

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