Why am I not in Hawaii?

I’m bumming and I have the weather to blame.

I was greeted back into Pennsylvania by cold wind, dark skies and rainy weather.  Ugh!  I really am not sure why I havent moved to somewhere with eternal sunshine yet.  Every year as winter rolls around (whether in Virginia, France or Philly) I get grouchy and sad.

So today was a major grouchy, cold to my bones day.  I tried to do some therapeutic things like shopping (hard when trying to save), making tea, skyping friends across the ocean 🙂 and as usual blog stalking.  Today my browsing ended at a favorite that made me even more seasonally depressed–or maybe seasonally jealous. Jealous of Paris’ amazing weather recently.  My friend in Lyon (who I skyped today) was also telling me how nice it has been to be on her terrace in the sunshine recently.  Now I’m wishing I was there, at least through tomorrow when the rain is said to stay with us.  Then I’ll return for some Thanksgiving dinner….  Good plan, right?

I guess the next best thing to complaining about this weather is to curl on up with a good book, red wine and comfy socks!

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