Time to get back in the car and head up the East Coast for the next 10 hours.  I am excited to not be alone this time as my sister will be with me splitting up driving and making conversation/singing to the radio with me!

It’s a rainy, gray day today or else I would snap a few photos to post here before heading out on Tennessee.  I did take this one last night on a mini campus tour.  My sister took me up to “The Hill” where the oldest buildings on campus are.  This one, Ayres Hall, is the staple of the University and *FUN FACT* is where the Tennessee checkered style comes from–look hard at the top of the building and find out why.

Checkers seen everywhere: on outfits and in the end zone!

I promise some fun posts for the end of the week as I get back to work, prepare for Black Friday, eat my body weight at Thanksgiving and attend my five-year High School reunion!  Should have some substantially interesting moments to share 😉

Happy Monday

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