Some things never change, others do

I graduated college a year and a half ago.

I want to say something like “I can’t believe it has been that long” but that wouldn’t be true.  I actually feel like its been so much longer!  I think it’s due to being totally detached from all collegiate things by living in France the year after graduation.  I didn’t follow-up with the JMU site, didn’t go to Homecoming and didn’t even wear any JMU Swim & Dive Tees (this might be hard to believe for my fellow swimmers who knew me at JMU but real life and t-shirts don’t mix).

So today when I was driving down I-81 on my way to University of Tennessee I just had to stop in at my alma mater.  At first it was for gas (I was on E just as I got off Exit 245).  Then I wanted a bagel sandwich from J’s (my favorite thing on a weekend during those 4 years).  Then I decided to stop by my old house on Mason Street…ring the doorbell….go in 🙂  And finally I thought it was only right to stop by Godwin Hall–the pool–where I spent many hours a day training with my fellow lady dukes.  I chatted with my old coaches and really had a great time.

My old house 🙂 Swimma Kappa Goggle

Even though I was so removed from JMU this past year, just driving back past the quad and down the D-Hall hill brought back so many emotions.  Good emotions.  Fun memories and that “feeling” that any JMU student will tell you they can’t describe but is the thing they love most about this University!  “The feeling” wont ever change even though the campus itself will change with time.

I got to see some og these changes today the first being the giant football stadium.

The second was a minor detail but took me by surprise.  Apparently the traffic pattern has gone through some renovation and you can no longer turn into places where I used to park all the time.  I learned this by almost turning into a barrier!  Ooops.  Totally made a little traffic jam as I made my U-turn out of there.  “Freshman mistake” 🙂

Nice little trip down memory lane…cant wait to continue this trip down college lane as I spend the weekend at UT!

2 thoughts on “Some things never change, others do

  1. Nice pics! I have always wondered how long they keep the bagels hung up on the display bored at J’s. Maybe they are the same ones from freshman year?

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